August 13, 2016

Use a TorGuard Promo Code to Save Money

Everyone loves to enjoy secure, unrestricted and private browsing but unfortunately internet service providers and governments are not going to let to have this facility in the name national security. You have to take the matter in your hand if you really want to enjoy provide and absolutely secure browsing. VPN blocking is the best way to achieve this goal. There are lots of companies which are offering virtual private network (VPN) to bypass the firewall system of your internet service provider but only a few are providing high-quality services at market competitive rates. TorGaurd is one of those companies which is providing high-quality services economically.

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Why TorGuard 

TorGaurd is providing its service all very the world using servers in more than 50 countries with more than 1400 IP addresses. The allocation of IP addresses is totally random and changes regularly. It means you can enjoy anonymous browsing at any part of the world. This tool worked in all major operating system including iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome, Android, and Windows, therefore, you can use it even on your smart mobile devices. The setup of this tool is extremely easy and does not require any special skills. you can download it from  App store of Google and encrypt your browsing and downloading activities for 30 days in just 5 bucks. Though the number of customers of TorGuard is increasing rapidly but its unlimited bandwidth is allowing instant connectivity without any waiting period. Most importantly it gives away TorGuard promo code to its affiliates so that users can enjoy its services in minimum possible rates.
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TorGaurd Standard Packages & Services

TorGaurd is providing three types of services including anonymous proxy, anonymous email, and anonymous VPN. All these services are very effective for personal and commercial use. The standard price for the anonymous proxy is just $5.95 per month. The standard price to get the service of anonymous email is $6.95. You can store unlimited emails and your IP address will not be visible to the receiver of your emails. The price for anonymous VPN is 9.99 USD per month. you can get all these services in just $11.54 per month. if you get the quarterly package then you can get all these services in just 20.97 bucks which mean only 7 dollars in a month. You can further reduce the price by getting the annual package which will get you all these extraordinary services in just 64 dollars (5 dollars per). It is truly amazing that you can get all these services at such low price but the most astonishing fact is that you can get the discount on this price too using TorGuard promo code.

Discount through TorGuard Promo Code

You can up to 50% discount on the standard prices of different service of the company. All you need to do is to get TorGuard promo code but the real question how you will get these codes. The answer is simple, we will get you these codes because we are affiliated with the company and we have the authority to offer a discount to our valued visitors through the promo codes of TorGaurd. The good news is that we have latest TorGuard promo codes and we are more than willing to share them with you. There can be a different code for the different package and each code will earn you different amount of discount. You can get 25% discount on the monthly package but you can get up to 50 % discount on the yearly package. There are some companies which are offering fake code but you should check the real prices of different packages on the official website of the company before utilizing out promo codes. You will get the discount when you enter these codes and you will be able to calculate the percentage of discount. It is recommended to read the terms and condition to make sure you understand the company’s policy about discounts.  These codes work for an unlimited number of users unless company invalidates it. So you share these codes with your friends too.

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Our TorGuard promo code will get you lifetime discount. it means you will never have to pay the full price, unlike other people who get the discount only for the first time. These codes also work for individual service of the company. You can only get anonymous VPN at discounted rate through these promo codes. You will get all features of their standard services and packages seven at a discount rate. The main aim of these codes is let people taste the real online freedom at minimum possible rates. TorGaurd is using advanced and innovative algorithms and techniques to create these virtual servers. The company is committed to become the best VPN service provider in the industry and therefore it is providing 24 X 7 customer support service.